• Ho-Ping Campus

    NKNU's Ho-Ping Campus is uniquely situated in a region with one of the greatest concentration of cultural facilities and intellectual talent in the nation. Located in urban Kaohsiung, opposite the Kaohsiung Cultural Center, the campus covers an area of 13 hectares. The interweaving of academic buildings and areas for relaxation--expansive lawns, meticulously kept trees, and popular cultural spots--on the compact campus ensures an engaging college life. The University is particularly proud of its self-maintained greenery podia and elegant landscape gardens on campus.

  • Yan-Chao Campus

    In September 1999, NKNU inaugurated its second campus at Yan-Chao, which is a scenic place of 64 hectares that is a 30-minute drive from downtown Kaohsiung. The campus’ well-equipped buildings, athletic facilities, and its proximity to several local colleges provide students with invaluable learning and recreational environment. Shuttle-bus service is provided between the two campuses.